Need help building your very own mushroom farm?
Consultation Services

Wonder how you can set up your own mushroom farm and get it up and running? Agrivo Mycosciences have established mushroom farms in the region with secured distribution channels. Our farms operate with an exclusive cultivation technique without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. We offer consultation services in setting up the farm and our insights on our growing methodology and substrate production.

Educational Farm Tours

As a local company, we understand that Singapore does not currently have any Mushroom Farms for the younger generation to explore and learn about the farming process and mushroom cultivation. We organise farm tours to our farming facilities in Malaysia for enthusiasts to experience this first hand. Community Centres and schools are welcome to collaborate with us on conducting educational tours to our facilities to raise awareness about the farming culture. Singapore strongly promotes sustainable agriculture and supports schools that have farming as an extra curriculum. Thus, Agrivo Mycosciences produces mushroom grow kits, allowing students to be able to learn about the cultivation process of mushrooms at their convenience.

Technology & Machinery

Agrivo Mycosciences is always exploring new technology that can improve the farming experience – increase yield, achieve better food safety handling, decrease production costs, produce higher quality products and create a positive impact for the environment. We offer and provide solutions to help you improve your farming techniques.