Our Business

Agrivo Mycosciences business activities include production of substrate bags, cultivation of both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and the research and development. Agrivo Mycosciences is of an expansive agribusiness model that encompasses the entire value supply chain. From tissue culturing to spawning and mixing of substrate, we take pride in producing only the highest quality mushrooms.

Agrivo Mycosciences cultivates mushrooms for the ASEAN market because everyone deserves to eat pesticide-free, healthy and nutritious fungi as soon as they are harvested.

Our grow houses are specially customized to prevent pests. Therefore no pesticides or chemicals are used during the entire growing process, ensuring our mushrooms are free from contaminants.

Agrivo Mycosciences are looking to manufacture mushroom-related end products such as mushroom chips, mushroom essence, mushroom soup, and many more. This is so everyone gets to enjoy his/her favourite mushroom goodies at affordable prices.